Payment module Cs.cart

Acquisition system from Acquisition from Diamond Pay provides online stores and sites, trading platforms, the ability to accept in the shortest possible time all the desired types of payments, which can be made in five currencies. It can be hryvnia, GEL, ruble, euro or dollar. Intercash allows you to receive online payment project from the client through popular payment systems, of which there are a large number. And all this is done through a single gateway. In "Diamond Pay Acquisition" today, you can choose from 17 different CMS modules exactly the one you need. One of them is the Cs.cart payment module.

This module is a professional online store management system and is designed for those who have decided to do e-commerce for real. Convenient and powerful control panel, resistance to loads and hacks, adaptability of design, high speed of work, the built-in opportunities for carrying out marketing actions and many other things are contained in this module. Its script is optimized for search engines.

The Cs.cart payment module has the following advantages:

  • simplicity of the interface of the basket and personal account;
  • the ability to add products to several different categories;
  • No need to turn to programmers to work with the system with some experience with this CMS;
  • convenience of marketing tools, such as promotions and special offers;
  • ease of filter management;
  • convenience of the loyalty program.

Its disadvantages include the difficulty of implementing your own solutions, for example, when implementing your own design, and the complexity of the admin panel interface.

What do I need to do to install the Cs.cart payment module on an online resource?
Step 1. Make sure that the modular version is compatible with the existing CMS.
Step 2. Download the plugin to your PC and unpack it.
Step 3. Upload all the content in the "upload" folder to the server.
Step 4. In the admin, in the list of payment methods you need to select the system "Acquiring from Diamond Pay"
Step 5. Open the "Settings" tab and fill in all the necessary fields, namely: secret key, unique wallet number, if necessary - test key.
Step 6. Concerning the use of our new API. To do this, take the API tab, and from the account settings of your key and id; in the column IP filter fits the IP of your site.
Step 7. Save.