Payment acceptance module for CMS ShopOS

In development

Diamond Pay Acquisition Payment System is able to accept payment for Internet projects using a single gateway from popular payment systems, of which there are a large number. Thanks to this system, online stores, websites and other trading platforms are able to accept all types of payments made in five different currencies, from the euro and the dollar, and ending with the hryvnia, ruble, GEL. To date, you can choose from seventeen different CMS modules in this system.

The ShopOS payment module is a professional PHP script for online stores, which allows you to organize e-commerce at the highest level with maximum return and minimum cost. The ShopOS payment module provides the full range of customization options, while providing the necessary flexibility. On its basis, online stores are created, which have different levels. It can be both small shop windows and large e-shops, which together with the affordable price makes this module almost one of the most profitable today.

The main characteristics of the modules include:

  • discount management;
  • banner manager;
  • statistics on buyers and orders;
  • template design system called smarty;
  • recalculation of prices for goods from one type of currency to another in automatic mode;
  • integration modules with such systems as Yandex.Market;
  • feedback form;
  • customer groups;
  • Mailing Manager;
  • support for downloadable, ie virtual, goods and delivered, ie physical;
  • information page management.

Briefly about the benefits that the ShopOS payment module can provide:

  • Availability of a configured and pre-installed module that integrates the store with systems such as Yandex.Market.
  • Uninstall or install modules at the touch of a button.
  • Presence of discounts, such as customer discounts, which are displayed immediately in the cart and apparently to the customer before ordering.
  • No problems sending from the mail store using the smtp server, as well as the possibility of sending emails in HTML format.
  • Ability to customize individual templates designed for a variety of product categories as well as attributes.
  • Availability of RSS feeds.
  • Ability to use templates for all emails sent from the store.
  • Visual html editor available.
  • Differentiate access to individual product categories or products intended for different customer groups.
  • Easy to change the design.
  • Ability to create a catalog from the store with one click, excluding the cart, prices and purchase button.
  • There are discounts depending on the quantity of ordered products.
  • Set up payment methods for goods in virtual, as well as the ability to sell them.