VirtueMart solution for online store.

VirtueMart is an Open Source solution for an online store made with the Joomla! VirtueMart is installed on Joomla! as a component and plugin. Launches VirtueMart as a shopping cart or in catalog mode.

VirtueMart is a comprehensive e-commerce store solution. It should be used in conjunction with the CMS Joomla! . Both are released under the GNU General Public License. This means that they are free to download and use. Joomla! and VirtueMart are written in the PHP programming language and are easy to use in the PHP / MySQL environment.

VirtueMart is free software licensed from GNU General. There are no restrictions for VirtueMart. You can create and maintain an online store with an unlimited number of categories, products, orders, customers, etc.

The parameter number of products that can be put up for sale is a very important parameter for an online store. Most online store platforms limit the free number of products on sale. For example, you display 100 products for free, the rest for a subscription fee. However. In the free content joomla virtuemart can not provide the full functionality of the online store. You will have to buy some virtuemart modules on their official extension website:

Joomla! it is a content management system (CMS). It can be installed on a web server and will allow you to create and manage your dynamic website. You must download the Joomla! and install it on your web server. Joomla! It is quite light and can be made even without special qualifications.

If you are new to Joomla! and decided to create an online store on it with the help of VirtueMart, you can simultaneously start learning Joomla! and creating a store. Having a basic knowledge of CSS and HTML programming study Joomla! will not cause difficulties, especially since there are many Joomla training sites on the Internet!