Payment acceptance module for CMS Wordpress

Today there is a rapid development of e-commerce. Against the background of fierce competition, business owners have to make greater efforts to create comfortable conditions for customers to make payments. To solve these problems, special systems have been developed that provide ample opportunities for cash payments.

In addition to the price of the product or service, the main factor that influences the consumer's choice of place to make a purchase is the ability to make a payment in the usual way. This means that when choosing a payment aggregator for a site, it is advisable to consider the available tools for making payments.

Diamond Pay Acquisition Online Payment Service allows you to make payments through a variety of tools, including:

  • bank cards;
  • virtual money Webmoney, Qiwi, Theme, Yandex;
  • mobile accounts;
  • self-service terminals.

Diamond Pay Acquisition offers ready-made software products for common CMS, including the Wordpress payment module. This plugin can be easily and quickly downloaded from the official website.

Our payment aggregator is able to receive and receive payments in 5 currencies and withdraw them in more than ten directions.

To work with our service, a legal entity needs to enter into a contract, and a physical person is not required to do so. All you need to do to register an account is enter an email address and a captcha. After receiving the generated password by e-mail, you can change it to your own.

The payment module for Wordpress CMS provides a simplified connection of the payment aggregator to the web resource. After integrating the module, which will take no more than five minutes, you will be able to start processing payments immediately.

By constantly improving the service, our settlement center strives to make it as secure, simple and clear as possible.

When you start working with Acquiring from Diamond Pay, after the first operations you will appreciate the simplicity and comfort of interaction with a powerful and reliable platform for transferring payments from buyer to seller.